Easter 2016 Pewter Miniatures
2016 Wilhelm Schweizer Easter Pewter
Wilhelm Schweizer Pewter 2016 Easter
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How to make Wilhelm-Schweizer Pewter-Figurines by hand:


Hand Engraving
The traditional design is skillfully carved into a slab of slate. The mold must be formed to create a mirror match.

Hand Casting
Molten Pewter is poured into the feeding tubes to fill the design of the mold. It hardens very quickly, so a challenge of the design is to insure the tubes will fill the mold completely before the pewter sets.
Hand Painting
Each mold s carefully painted by one of many talented artists. Enamel paint is applied with special Rotmarderhaar (Red Martin hair) brushes. These brushes allow very slender points to be made.

Since 1796, this rich tradition has been kept alive by the family of Wilhelm Schweizer.
Selection ranges from Christmas ornaments to Easter decorations, from standing Folklore, Santa and Angel Figures to pictures for walls and windows, all designed with the same loving care and respect for heritage and tradition.

This exclusive Pewter collection will be increased annually with carefully selected additional pieces.

In case you are a collector or you are looking for a creative hobby or you enjoy hand-crafted beauty or you want to find a gift for spezial occasions, be assured that you will find your item in the Pewter Art Shop: from handcast figures in folkloric customs to historic military outfits, from window and wallhangers of many kinds to decorative ornaments for Christmas trees.

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