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Little Bunny Guitar
24.90 US$
Product No.: 126114
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24.90 US$

I`m sitting on my garden fence
and pull the strings right with my hands.
I`m playing a song on my guitar,
may be it sounds a bit bizarre.
We all together will now sing,
fresh from our hearts, to welcome spring.
We do not want the winter blues,
we tiptoe dance with our shoes.
We want the warm and sunny weather,
to make the music here together.
2014 this is clear,
I am the Bunny of this year.

This ist he hanging Bunny for 2014. He is made out of pewter and is painted by hand from both sides. It is a hanging ornament,made by Wilhelm Schweizer. Colors may vary to the one shown. The  pewter miniatures are individual made.

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