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Bavarian Santa
29.00 US$
Product No.: 11556 hanging
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29.00 US$

I´m coming from Bavaria,
and really love my area,
Bavarians are down to earth,
happy people, proud by birth.

I have a friend, his name is Claus,
he is a long time in my house.
I think, my Grandpa got the Santa,
but he wanted once a Panda.

So Santa Claus was in a box,
together with two plushy dogs.
For many years that was their home,
on top there was a little gnome.

Once I´ve heard a funny sound,
tried to find out – turned around,
there is noise right in the corner,
no, I think it is a groaner.

Took the box to open it
and I think, this is the hit!
I found Santa, my old friend
and reached out my helping hand.

He was lost for many years
and I cried a lot of tears.
After Christmas stored away,
was not found until today.

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring,
all year long, we now will sing,
friendship is not seasonal,
companionship not annual.

I like you all year long
And next year it is going on,
you never will be packed away,
may we have a never ending Christmas day!

The little Bavarian and his Santa is a hanging ornament, hand painted on both sides by Wilhelm Schweizer. It is made out of pewter.

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