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Angel and Cat
75.00 US$
Product No.: 11322
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75.00 US$

My dear little kittycat,
be so kind and do not pet,
with your paw the golden star,
it should shine soon very far,
high above right in the sky,
you will see it with your eye.
All the children which are sad,
laying sleepless in their bed,
when they see the star shines bright,
than they know, there will be light,
there is joy and there is hope,
for us all around the globe.
Let the Angel do its job
And make sure the stars dont drop,
tie them to the firmament,
now they be omnipresent!
Shine for everyone on earth,
worldwide in the universe!

The standing pewter figure is the annual Angel fort he year 2012. It is painted by hand form both sides and is made by Wilhelm Schweizer.

red variations
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white variations
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blue variations
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