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Wooden Fence
25.90 US$
Product No.: 3421
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25.90 US$

Once upon a time there was an old wooden fence who had a lot to say. In his long life experience he had seen many things. In his younger days, right after he was built, he was hidden by a tractor. That was a shock. Thank´s God it never happened again, but the fence is a little crooked since. What he likes the most is the stories that are told by the birds that are taking a rest on him. Some come from far a way and are reporting quite interesting things. And than, there are the legends from the underworld which are brought up by the little mole, very mysterious!

This wooden fence is not made out of wood, no, it is casted out of pewter and is painted by hand on both sides. The standing pewter figure is made by Wilhelm Schweizer.

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