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The Christmas Letter
79.00 US$
Product No.: 11319
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79.00 US$

“ What do I want for Christmas? “ The little child was thinking long about all of the toys that Santa should put under the Christmas tree. The list was getting longer and longer: a bicycle, roller-skates, a ball, a pair of skis, a dog, a rocking-horse, a teddy-bear, a guitar…….
But mother said: “ Please remember, Santa has to fulfil many desires from all the children in the whole world, consider very well and reflect what you really want to get! “ And the child started to think what would be the most important thing to get and started to write a letter to Santa Claus:

Dear Santa!
For a long time I thought about my wishes for Christmas and I have decided, that I do not need anything really badly this year for Christmas. There are so many children in the world which are not having at least one meal a day, which are not having a bed nor a roof above their head. May be you can help all of these children? And only if you should have a bicycle left at the end and nobody want´s it, than you may put it under my Christmas tree.

The child brought the letter to the post box, but did not see the Angel collecting all the Christmas letters. The child just noticed a sparkling star right above the letter box, not knowing what it was.

The Christmas Letter is the annual Angel for the year 2009 from Wilhelm Schweizer. The standing pewter figure is hand painted on both sides with enamel colours. Each miniature is unique and is different in the colouring.

blue variations
ArtNr.: -blue
white variations
ArtNr.: -white
red variations
ArtNr.: -red

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